What we offer

We offer a Portable Viking themed axe throwing target range, we supply axes to use and fully insured axe throwing instructors.

Our axe throwing range, one of many configurations.

Suitable for Weddings, parties, festival content, themed events and gatherings.

The Viking theme is one we adopted years ago and is, at the moment, very popular and very much in the mainstream, Vikings and axe throwing are all over the place so why not have us come to you.

We have been trading as Avalon Axes for more than two years now and while young, we are well ahead of other folk following the inspiration from Television programs such as Vikings and The Last Kingdom and Game Of Thrones.

Our instructors are fully insured and coach participants through the whole process, from stance to release of the axe, standing by to insure safe conduct and proper technique, most people gain the confidence to throw very quickly and relax into the fun.