The Team

Avalon Axe Throwers extraordinaire are;

Dan Chalmers, Inspired by history and exited by our ancient ancestors Dan is an artisan and musician, when not throwing axes he can be found in his workshop making delightful and beautiful crafts from leather, wood and bone, stone and antler. He sings folk music and plays the Bodhran with his partner Dora Darling.


Simon Smith, Archer and Bowyer, Prop maker and theatre technician, Simon is an artisan of note when making bows, his bows are beautiful, made using traditional skills past down by our ancient ancestors. He worked as a Props master for the touring show The Lion King amongst providing prop services for other shows.


Tim Walker, bringing his personal style to the team is Tim, when not at the axe targets spinning axes through the air Tim can be found making replica bronze age artefacts, he helps run a bookshop in the heart of Glastonbury.




Acolytes we call upon to help;